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Pottery Workshop for Teachers

The Hong Kong Children’s Art and Cultural Exchange Association (HKCACEA) has launched the “Young Children Pottery Promotion Campaign” this year, introducing the fun of pottery art to local families.

To ensure young students’ and teachers’ exposure to this form of traditional arts, HKCACEA has hosted a series of free-of-charge “Pottery for Teachers workshops” during August 2021, to allow teachers in Hong Kong to learn about the diversity, versatility, and fun of ceramics art. The workshop has received overwhelming response. More than 70 teachers from nearly 50 schools have attended. It is our honor to have kindergarten principals take their time to attend the workshop.

The workshop has provided basic pottery training, including the introduction of ceramics art, the guidance of hand-pinching, trimming and glazing techniques. Teachers would have a brief understanding of pottery and be able to complete the work from raw material.

We have received totally positive feedback from the attendants. Teachers enjoyed pottery making very much. Besides discovering the fun of pottery, teachers who had attended the workshop would like to introduce ceramics art to their school. HKCACEA welcomes Hong Kong kindergartens to join our “Young Children Pottery Promotion Campaign”, which aims to promote ceramics art education among young children in Hong Kong, cultivating a new generation of young artists!

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