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The two schools had held their annual teacher development day on September 25, 2021. The theme of the event is “Chinese Ceramic Art Experience Day”. Under the arrangement of HKCACEA, teachers had a one-day tour of ceramic art experience, visit the Wu Yiu exhibition in Tai Po to learn about the history of Hong Kong’s ceramic industry, and participate in pottery workshops to make ceramic works by themselves.

Principals of the two kindergartens both had their first ceramics art experience through this event. They agreed that pottery is a suitable art activity in kindergartens. And all the teachers are devoted to the creation and enjoyed the fun of art!

Tin King Estate Baptist Lui Kwok Pat Fong Kindergarten

With ceramic materials provided by the HKCACEA, children learn basic hand-pinching skills from teachers. Everyone has great fun and enjoys a lot!

Creative Kindergarten & Day Nursery

Pottery art is for everyone, and it is not restricted to adults, secondary and primary school students.  Kindergarten students can also enjoy the fun of pottery-making under the guidance and supervision of parents.

How can parents and children benefit from creating their pottery pieces together? Watch the video now!

Teachers’ Sharing

Ceramic art is an artistic channel for cultivating children’s creativity. How can teachers cultivate children’s beauty development through ceramic art from an early age?

Watch the video now to find out the teacher’s experience!

Kindergarten Teacher’s Pottery Creating Demonstration

Teachers who have never been experienced with ceramic art may be worried about how to start. Some may think it is difficult for kindergarten students to master pottery skills.

Two teachers from Creative Kindergarten & Day Nursery have demonstrated the steps of creating simple pottery works by hand. In fact, pottery is not as difficult as you think!

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