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Young Children Pottery Promotion Campaign

The Hong Kong Children’s Art and Cultural Exchange Association (HKCACEA) has launched the “Young Children Pottery Promotion Campaign” this year, introducing the fun of pottery art by sending air-dried pottery clay kits to kindergartens, while organizing Parent-child ceramics classes. Also, we have provided online tutorials and zoom video classes, let parents and children can enjoy the fun of ceramic from home. The campaign has also introduced pottery art to kindergarten teachers, supported by a comprehensive training programme.

The promotion was a great hit and have received overwhelmingly positive responses. Within 3 months, there are over 70 kindergartens has joined the promotion programme, overall more than 15,000 Kindergarten students and their families have benefited from the programme.

Pottery Art for Kindergarten Students?

Pottery art has gained popularity in recent years.  Many parents are interested in letting their young children to explore this trendy form of art yet expressing concerns over the complexity involved in pottery making.  Pottery art is for everyone, and it is not restricted to adults, secondary and primary school students.  Kindergarten students can also enjoy the fun of pottery making under the guidance and supervision of parents.

On-campus Parent-child Ceramic Classes

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